I love working with materials that are giving me a deep feeling, like paper, colour pencil, pastel or tempera. They are transparent, don't predominate; leave a trace, but disappear easily, making room for a new world of feeling. I like space, like a womb, cozy and warm, from which opens a miraculous world. I do not want to realize, to attach any value, or to understand it. I want to experience her mystery, and pass that on. That gives me satisfaction in life.

Olga Kovtun



1970 Kuban State University, Art Faculty, Krasnodar, Russia 1979 - 1992 House of Arts, Moscow, Russia

Art in Collections

Regional State Art museum, Krasnodar, Russia North Ossetia State Art museum, Vladikavkaz, Russia State Art Hal, Krasnodar, Russia Ministry van Culture RF, Moscow, Russia Kreissparkasse, Nordhausen, Germany YugInvest Bank, Krasnodar, Russia Private collections Netherlands, Russia, Switserland, Germany

Present exhibitions

Gallery MicksArt Collectief

25 October - 14 December 2020 Kapitein Grantstraat 24, 7821 AR Emmen, The Netherlands https://www.micksartcollectief.nl/