I love working with materials that are giving me a deep feeling, like paper, colour pencil, pastel or tempera. They are transparent, don't predominate; leave a trace, but disappear easily, making room for a new world of feeling. I like space, like a womb, cozy and warm, from which opens a miraculous world. I do not want to realize, to attach any value, or to understand it. I want to experience her mystery, and pass that on. That gives me satisfaction in life.


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Franciscus of Assissi

Live and history of Franciscus of Assisi expressed in art, Catherijen convent, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Till 5 June 2016
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Rijksmuseum open again

In 80 halls 8.000 objects tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history.  

ADAF Amsterdam

 Annual Dutch Art Fair on the 23-25 September 2016, World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam.


Contemporary Artists

My work is published in the publication ‘European Contemporary Artists 2015/2016’. ISBN 978-90-821167-0-0

ArtSchouw, Zeeland, The


I will participate in the National Art manifestation, ArtSchouw, Zeeland, The Netherlands, 10-19 June 2016, www.kunstschouw.nl l

Ольга Ковтун